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Why we republish public domain books?

James Allen is a kind of an author why we republish books of carefully selected authors. He was rather obscure while working. Never made much money on his books and he was a quiet, reserved man. He was a mystic and every morning he meditated (this was not a very popular activity, back in his era). He made lasting impression on people whom he had encountered.
This is what one friend wrote about Allen; "as a frail-looking little man, Christ-like, with a mass of flowing black hair...... I think of him especially in the black velvet suit he always wore in the evenings..."
To offer a tribute to the memory of James Allen, I have converted his four of his most popular works into .ePub, .mobi files in order to offer it on most electronic readers, for a wide variety of devices.
"In our words/deeds we live on and become immortal"

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